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Meike Lawrence, Licenced Homeopath and MACE Energy Practicioner, in Dorking, Surrey, UK.


Homeopathy gently stimulates your body to heal itself .

Safe and effective healthcare

Welcome! This is Meike Lawrence

BA (Hons), MBSHom., Dip. MACE Method, CMA.

I'm a homeopath with 30 Years of expertise, Fully insured, licensed at The British School of Homeopathy and endorsed by The Society of Homeopaths.

I help my clients to gain greater health and well-being, naturally, so that they can regain their vitality and live life to the full.

I offer consultations either face-to-face at my practice in Dorking, Surrey, or remotely by video call.

Our body is bio-dynamic and has a natural healing and regenerating mechanism that is powered by our life-force. Ongoing dis-ease symptoms are a sign that this mechanism is unable to heal properly. Homeopathy is a medicine that can stimulate it back into action enable complete healing.

"The Natural forces within us are the true healers of disease" - Hippocrates

Meike Lawrence


What can Homeopathy help with?

I have helped clients with a wide range of issues. Here are a few of the more common ones:

Allergies such as hay-fever, asthma and food intolerances.

Auto-immune disorders including alopecia, Crones disease and thyroid imbalances.

Hormonal imbalances causing fibroids, menstrual problems, endometriosis and menapausal symptoms.

Digestive problems such as frequent bloating, diverticulitis, IBS, Type two diabetes, and reflux.

Skin disorders such as excema, acne, lichen planus.

Emotional problems such as depression, mood swings, uncontrollable anger.

Dysfunctional Anxiety such as OCD, addictions, phobias, social anxiety or PTS.

Nervous disorders such as Fibromyalgia, Bells palsy or migrains.

Lowered immune system with frequent infections, including ear, nose, chest and throat.

Unexplained pain or lethargy with Post-viral syndrome, M.E. or Lyme's disease.

It's ok, we're not all the same.

At Homeopathy for Vitality, we treat you as a unique individual - the remedies prescribed for you will match your personal needs to improve your health.

A professional homeopath will prescribe for your individual mind/body or constitutional type. Here are some children's case studies to illustrate how it helps.

This way, we can help you become more aligned to your own unique body type and personality. This way, you are on your path to long-term health, success and well-being.

Let go of the past, to walk into a better future.

Disharmony within relationships, anxiety, panic attacks; self-sabotage, procrastination, addictions, compulsive behaviours, mood swings or depression... These are some of the signs that you could be carrying emotional trauma from the past.

At Homeopathy for Vitality, we use the simple and non-invasive MACE Energy Method, which turn upsets into energy, By releasing negative beliefs, held in the subconscious, we can move forward in our lives.

Reach your full potential, beyond your limiting patterns.

A lot of thought patterns were programmed into us when we were children. This ensures that we automatically think and act the way the adults do around us, to keep us safe.

In contrast, we also have our own individual personalities that we wish to be able to express. When our head and heart therefore come into opposition, it creates inner dis-ease which can potentially make us ill. Here, we can help to neutralise thought patterns that hinder rather than help you with neural programming in a system called The Elements of Truth.

About me

While I was an I.T. analyst, I discovered that my local homeopath helped to relieve me of my general tendencies towards migrains, stress and adrenal fatigue. The change in my health was so significant, I had to know more!

Once I had read "The Science of Homeopathy" - by George Vithoulkas . I could relate with the idea that only joining all the dots within the entire biological system would lead to better long-term cures to health problems. My analytical brain loves this kind of work, like a puzzle, you have to use a systematic approach!

I trained at the British School of Homeopathy and graduated and registered with the Society of Homeopaths in 1994, and started a full time practice as a professional homeopath.

But that was just the beginning.... I was on a quest to delve deeply into holistic healing. I only engaged with methods and teachers that consistently produced positive results with their clients. In my ongoing professional development I have trained with the homeopathic doctors Sehgal Brothers in Delhi, with former trauma counsellor John Mace in Australia, trained doctor and medical intuitive Dr Helen Ford in the UK amongst others, to understand how health and healing really works. I was featured in the Magazine "What Doctors Don't Tell You" (Click to read the article) in the success stories of two clients, one with Lymes' disease.

With my skills and knowledge, I then went on to develop a neural reprogramming system, The Elements of Truth, that enables a release from limited thought patterns, enabling greater scope and well-being within the client.

I enjoy living and working in the beautiful Surrey Hills and look forward to meeting you soon!

Get in touch

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about how homeopathy works and if it could be helpful for you.

You can also call me on 07794200859 if you would prefer to leave a message or speak to me first. I am happy to discuss any queries or questions you may have prior to arranging an initial appointment.

All enquires are usually answered within 24 hours, and all contact is strictly confidential and uses secure phone and email services.

Frequently asked questions

What's the difference between homeopathy and pharmaceutical medicine?

Pharmaceutical based medical system is designed to target and combat disease symptoms with biochemical compounds or mechanical procedures. You could, however, experience side-effects from these treatments and also remain dependent on them to keep the symptoms away.

Homeopathy is designed to stimulate the body to heal itself, as it is self-healing and regenerating, You will not be exposed to toxic chemicals, so your health is not at risk, as it is a highly dilute preparation - see FAQ 'what is homeopathy.

Professional homeopathy targets the cause not the symptoms of the disease - An analogy would be not taking out warning light on the dash board of your car, to give the illusion of safety but rather go 'under the bonnet of the car' and work out why the body is no longer functioning properly. Once the healing has been stimulated in this way, symptoms tend to fade away, without the further need for medication.

***Disclaimer - We always advise you to keep in touch with your medical practitioner and would never advise you to stop taking your medication prescribed by the doctors. Instead, we work alongside any current medical process you may be on ***

What is homeopathic medicine?

Homeopathy was invented by a German Doctor, Samual Hahnemann in the 1830's. His main concern was that the medicines of the day were harmful to his patients, and that in many cases the cure was worse than the problem!

In his great endeavour, his first port of call was the ancient herbalist texts called the "Doctrine of Signatures in which herbalists documented the curative effects of plants. Hahnemann then expanded to make further remedies each one prepared from a wide variety of substances, from the animal, vegetable or mineral kingdoms. There are over 2,000 remedies to choose from, so we can find the most accurate fit for your needs. Hahnemann's great discovery was that the more you diluted the substance in water the greater the curative effect had on the patient! This is what makes the medicine unique as it is highly dilute. The memory of the atomic structure is imprinted in the water through a serial sucussion/dilution process. This means that the medicine itself is totally safe and will not give an bio-chemical side effects or toxic reaction.

Modern Scientists such as Jacques Benveniste a professor in bio chemistry and Dr Maseru Emoto proved these contra-intuitive phenomena scientifically through well-documented scientifically re-creatable experiments.

The way that this medicine is works is through the 'like-cures-like' principle, where we match the problem with a remedy that could mimic the problem. For example we use belladonna for a case of an over active immune system. The reason why this works is because it works on Newtons Third Law of physics: with every action there is a reaction. This stimulates the body to heal itself.

Why have a consultation and not just self-prescribe homeopathic remedies?

Nowadays we can all become experts and solve our own problems, thanks to the internet. Homeopathy has been marketed to be able to solve specific health problems with certain remedies. However, although it is possible to treat the symptoms of your disease with homeopathy it will not enable a lasting level of health, as it's not treating the cause.

A qualified and experienced homeopath can get to the root of the problem by focusing on your overall functioning which includes your emotional, mental and physical situation as a whole.

What can I expect in a consultation?

We will discuss your current physical and or emotional symptoms with thin the context of your life circumstances and and past medical history. I will also ask general questions about your preferences and general temperamental tendencies. This way we can understand possible causing factors and your particular constitutional type, which will help to get to the root of the problem.

We recommend at least one follow-up appointment (2-4 weeks) to ensure that you are fully recovered and can move forward from a new healthier foundation.

How long does it take before I get better?

As a general rule, the longer you have had a condition the longer the process to full recovery takes. One standard rule of thumb is for every year that you have had the illness, it takes a month for full recovery. This is a proactive process and we encourage you to make the right changes within you to ensure your progress. If all goes as planned, you will notice a gradual improvement in your energy levels, mental outlook and intensity of symptoms in a relatively short time.

It is important to note that your healing is a proactive process, so your progress is also dependent on making the right changes that we encourage with you to do, to get the lasting results that you would like.

My location

I work from private offices located in Dorking, Surrey, RH4 2PW, and see clients from Guildford, Leatherhead, Reigate, as well as the surrounding Surrey Hills area.

In addition to providing face-to-face sessions, I also offer online sessions for clients in the Surrey Hills area and beyond via Zoom or Skype. Contact me to find out more about how online consultations works.

Fees & availability

Homeopathy sessions for individuals last one hour. If you would like continuing support, on your healing journey we recommend a bi-monthly or monthly sessions, depending on your individual needs. The cost is £80 for adults, £70 child/concessions per session which includes all remedies and any audio or written support materials.

There is a 24 hours notice period to avoid paying the full fee, if you would like to change or cancel your appointment.

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