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Meike Lawrence, Licenced Homeopath and MACE Energy Practicioner, in Dorking, Surrey, UK.

How to deal with stress
“COMBAT STRESS” was the instruction on a car bumper sticker I saw recently. We all know about stress in this complex and demanding world of ours, and none of us want it! Many health therapists agree that stress is usually one of the main causes of physical illness. If we can understand how to effectively […]
Support the full potential of your child with Classical Homeopathy
Bring out the full potential in your child with classical homeopathy We are all born with unique DNA, or genetic programming so we all have different needs, tendencies and expressions. This means that a one-size-fits all medicine may not help our individual health problems. Homeopathy is individualised medicine and in these cases I will show […]
Psychological Tips to help with Alopecia and and hair Loss
Hair thinning and alopecia can be very stressful for the sufferer as it can make them feel knock their self-confidence and make them feel very insecure. Unfortunately, whilst the sufferer is struggling with this anxiety, this, as a form of stress perpetuates the hair loss physically as it is an auto-immune condition. This means that […]
Running on Empty – Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
A mindfulness teacher recently asked me about the widely spread malaise of Chronic Fatigue syndrom in our hectic world. There are many signs and symptoms, listed below, that I see in my clinic that indicate the problem, but don’t get too hung up about them: In the holistic world, if you have any it doesn’t […]

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